The No-excuse Life of a Paraplegic Backcountry Skier

It's time to watch this.

Kinda puts a new perspective on my 90 day challenge of getting prepared to ski the backcountry. I don't feel like my challenge is any less; on the contrary, Jeremy McGhee's story makes me feel empowered.

Paraplegic backcountry skier "I'm not gonna be left behind. Today. Right now. Do what you love. Just drop in."
Did you sense the determination in this man's life? His dedication to giving all to his goal? He reached a point where he was tired of being left behind and capitalizing on that moment, he reached in, took all he had, and made things happen. He acted.

What happens when you act on that restless moment- the moment when you are tired of not living up to your potential? You begin to live. It only takes that moment and one small step to move towards becoming the person you deserve to be.

Take inspiration where you can. Learn from others. Don't wait. Go conquer.


Colorado Gal said...

The Clymb sent that video to me last week because they saw that I work with adaptive it. Made me grin! :)

Anonymous said...

Love Jer, love moni-skiing and love The Clymb! Good stuff.

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