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Ski the East: Clocking Vert at Whiteface

View of Whiteface Mountain ski trails
Whiteface: It skis like the West
"Ski the East" is a series of articles as I toured from maritime Canada to the northeast US in a quest to uncover the culture and vibe of the ski community and areas of eastern North America. This is part IX in this series. For more about the project, visit "Uncovering the Mystery."

Having recently heard of Whiteface’s spectacular scenery—the ski area sits in a protected area of the Adirondack region that is larger than Yellowstone and Yosemite combined—and its claims of having the most vertical in the east, I knew I had to include this mountain in my tour. I detoured from the ski areas of Vermont to find out more.

Deep in the night, I reached Lake Placid, the town with which the ski area is more commonly associated. A charmingly proud settlement, filled with inns, restaurants and reminders of its 1932 and 1980 Olympic Games’ past, it is steeped in outdoor culture and history. I found my evening residence in the parking lot of one of the inns and prepared for the next day by stuffing ski clothes in the bottom of my sleeping bag to keep them warm for what would be a frigid morning dressing. 

The forecast promised snow and as I zipped into my bag, the delivery began: Softly at first, then more rapidly as heavy flakes joined together to form masses half the size of my palm. I fell asleep watching the frozen bundles melt on the hood of my car.
. . .

What did I find as I awoke from my long winter's nap? Find out on Outdoor Women's Alliance where I uncover the full story of Whiteface & its legendary terrain.

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