Good Morning, Sun

Just a short post as I am writing via phone.

Been pretty thankful for Mr. Sun the past two mornings. The northeast can make for a dark winter (hence, no goggle tan this season) and the sun makes a huge difference in the cold temps here. So I thought I'd share the glory of a sunshiney morning with you. 

Below are the views I woke up to the past two days. Exhibit A is the view from the pilot's seat in the Mazda 3 as I woke up just now. Exhibit B is in New Hampshire as I open a barn door (yes, I stayed in a barn). Not a bad way to start the day, eh? (I think in rhymes.)

Now excuse me as I go test out this new snow.

sunrise through car window

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Laidlaw said...

Love these photos Gina! Living in Colorado now, and loving every single day, but I miss certain things about the East every now and then. It's weird that I can look at both of these pics and know that they were not taken anywhere around here...

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