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I'm Speaking: Peaks Foundation Women Leadership & Adventure Summit

It's official.

Peaks Foundation Women's Leadership & Adventure Summit page with Gina Begin
Peaks Foundation even gave me a bio section!

I accepted the invitation to speak at the annual Peak Foundation's Women's Leadership & Adventure Summit in Colorado this summer, teaming up with professional athletes and world-travelers.

Little me. The girl who lives in a car and borrows internet from libraries late at night so she can keep her folks updated on her whereabouts and discover where the snow will fly next. And write a few lines along the way.

See you in July, Colorado. I'll be basking in the light of some amazing women and just hoping to keep up.

. . .

Check out the lineup of speakers!


  1. so cool, Gina! I'm considering going, just not sure it's in the budget yet, and it's so close to summer OR...but man, what an amazing opportunity! gotta be honest though, I'm not surprised :) kudos, lady!

  2. That is SWEET, I think I might need to add a trip to Colorado :) Good to know that they recognized that you are a professional road tripper.


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