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For Once in Your Life

Not sure how I stumbled across Butch Walker And The Black Widows song "Synthesizers" this morning, but the chorus motivated me. Plus, ol' Matthew McConaughey isn't a bad thing on a Thursday morning.


For once, once in your life
won’t you do what feels right
instead of waiting for the next big compromise
Stop running your mouth
Get out of the house
Get yourself downtown
and shake it all out tonight

There are really two parts of the song for me. The first that hit me is the chorus, as I mentioned. It's a challenge to get moving, to stop making excuses and to go for it. My faithful readers will know from past posts that this always strikes a chord with me. I can't tell you how many times people approach me with ideas, wondering how to get them started. When I offer tips, they shut them down, putting up blocks to what I know works since I used them for Outdoor Women's Alliance, my journalism and The Most Epic Trip. Excuse after excuse they offer as to why they can't make it happen, as if I have some special power they don't posses. If you can dream it, you CAN do it. You just gotta stop running your mouth and get out of the house. Put down the remote control and pick up some knowledge. Get going.

Listening to all the words of the song, the singer talks about not having the "cool" things and not needing them to have a good life anyway. I mean, he's not using any synthesizer and the song still sounds good, right? ;)

So often people are hung up on having the latest, the best, the biggest, or at the very least, the "staples" of what everyone else has: iPhones, 80's neon sunglasses, feathers for your hair, Mac computers, skinny jeans... or in the case of me and my outdoor friends: Subarus, the fattest skis, magnetraction boards, the newest ATC, Zeal Goggles with your GPS coordinates...

But two weeks ago, before the four foot snow storm, I was on my skinny skis from 2006, rocking out on man-made groomed runs and smiling just the same. And I've seen plenty of happy hipsters (there are ways to tell they are having a good time) with Androids instead of iPhones.

So what do you need to make YOU happy? What do you need to live out your dreams? You've got it all, you just need to realize it. It's what you've got going up in your head that makes all the difference- your outlook, your belief in self and your goals, your attitude towards being able to get what you set out for. What makes your heart pound? Believe in it. What makes you smile? Bring more of that into your life. Keep things positive, keep things focused. You'll get there. I promise.

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