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How to Stay Young: The Parable of the 100 Year-Old Skier [Video]

100+ Ski Club patch
100 years isn't stopping him
Declaring "I'm getting old" is a sure-fire way to become just that. It gives your mind an excuse not to perform, to chicken out, to give up on the things you used to enjoy without a second thought. And it's pure nonsense.

It's about your mindset. I've known college-aged folks who act like they're ready to retire and I've known 75+ year-old kids who go jogging every day. I've heard 25 year-olds claim that their knees are getting weak but witnessed a handful of skiers with knees 60+ years older that won't let a day go by without getting on the slopes.

Maybe it's because I grew up in the Retirement State but hearing "I'm getting old" is a pet peeve of mine. I've seen too many people join the "White Socks & Sneaker Club" too early in life. There was plenty of "spring" left in those chickens but they spent their days sitting in retirement homes commiserating over joint pain and medications with other members of the WSSC club.

Sound exciting? Though it is a stereotype (hey, I grew up in Florida) it is essentially where you're headed if you keep up the "old" thing. The minute you make allowances because of age you start to deteriorate both physically and mentally. You begin to group yourself with a society of people who are satisfied to let life happen to them instead of acting on life. In a sense, you're giving up.

Don't be content. Don't give into perceived limits at different age brackets. Break those brackets. LIVE. Get out and enjoy what your body can do. Your body isn't done until you're six feet under - and you're not there yet, are you?

Not a parable at all... a true story. Get busy on life.


  1. That's been my intuitive philosophy for 30 years...! Your mind takes what ever you feed it and works on making it reality!

  2. One day while I was at beaver I rode up with a guy was 93 and I thought that was awesome, but 100... thats amazing.

  3. that was very "cool".heheh, I don't like snow, but I like the message, thanks :D

  4. Every time I come down on the bus from snowbird there is an elderly couple who work in the laundry room and go skiing. The woman, broke her helmet...yeah they hard hard, and they look 80!


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