The following is an unedited, stream-of-consciousness personal journal used to experiment with different subjects outside of assignments and to practice free-writing. It shouldn't (at all) be viewed as a portfolio of polished work.

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I'm Changing the World

I want to change the world through character, through my own example to others. I can not directly preach to the entire world, but I can influence those around me and begin a perpetual network of good. I may never be able to travel to Africa to feed the hungry, protect women held under tyrannical systems, or restore the degraded soils of the world, but I can voice my opinion, I can support good causes, I can show others the way. I can stand firm where I am needed and brace against the tide of apathy. I can exemplify guiding principles of humanity and stewardship of our Earth. I may never be able to leave my native soil, but I can be an influence to those who live and work alongside me, eventually touching the sentiments of those who have the means to go abroad. Of these, some will carry forth my influence of comfort and encouragement for the distressed and ill-treated, or teach practices of protection for our Earth. And while being left behind in this country, I can do good where good is needed, as there is so much to be done here, in our own land.

To be a beacon is what I desire; to enlighten through action.

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