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Hope This Lucky Streak Keeps On

So you all know how I won the Martha Stewart Green Thumb contest for my little garden growing on my balcony? Well, I just found out I won again- wow! This time it's the item I posted previous to this post (the alphabet print). I just got off the phone with my brother (since it's for his baby) to have his wife and him tell me what they would like it to say across the top. I think they are just sticking with our last name since they're planning on more kids. Anyway, I can't believe my luck lately- anyone need me to come help them with a little luck? =)


  1. Incredible!! How very wonderful and what lucky family members you have... Good job!! xxxxoooo

  2. That's pretty awesome! I barely ever win anything, except one time I won a gift certificate to a restaurant downtown. I'd been trying for Batman tickets, though. So, if you can spare, I'd like for you to send some luck my way :)

  3. Check and check you two. And thanks, mom.


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